Rocky is a revolutionary fucking machine accessory, designed to vigorously masturbate the male penis via a male sex toy. For the extreme adventurer, it also has an option for simultaneous anal play. Masturbator shown for illustration purposes only, not included

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Rocky has been designed to retain the capability for anal play and masturbation simultaneously (yes you did just read the right…) Let your wildest fantasies run riot while Rocky sucks and fucks relentlessly (not for the faint hearted).


  • Crafted from anodised 6061 CNC machined aircraft alloy with laser etched F-machine logo
  • Designed to fit on both 10mm thrust rod (F-Machine) & 1/2 inch thrust rod as used by many American machines
  • Designed to work with many different male masturbators, includes universal fitting
  • Adjustable height (distance from thrust rod) to assist desired angle of operation
  • Adjustable reach (for optimum positioning when in dual operation mode)
Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 56 x 13 x 16.5 cm